Why InfraMarker®?

Location Intelligence from ground to cloud.

Finding, identifying, and managing infrastructure assets is a challenge. Data is often siloed, incorrect or inaccessible. Location verification delays can be costly and dangerous. InfraMarker leverages existing and emerging technology to make that job quicker, easier and safer.



With InfraMarker, true organizational location intelligence can be achieved. RFID-enabled tags connect physical assets to mobile data management in real-time. All marked assets and associated data, such as inspection records, can be viewed and analyzed any time in the field or in the office.


Connecting precise location of utilities into one simple and intuitive system aids in damage avoidance, reduces future locating time, and provides real-time multi-channel visibility.

This small but powerful solution combines GPS, visual identification, magnetic locating and RFID reading – resulting in the fastest and most reliable RFID locating system available.




InfraMarker® Makes that happen.


By combining magnetic RFID tags, a RFID reader and an intuitive mobile app, the InfraMarker Solution bridges the gap between physical assets in the field and your GIS system.



The patented InfraMarker Solution combines RFID, magnetic locating, cloud data management and geo-locating software to mark, locate, and manage assets in the field. Built to locate and mark above-ground and subsurface assets systems such as gas, electric, water, fiber-optic and cable, InfraMarker is a unique solution to asset management. 




Install and Write

In the field, place the RFID tag over – or an offset distance from – the asset to be marked. Write the data to the tag using the InfraMarker reader and smartphone app. Add important information (such as photos of the asset) to the tag using your smart phone. If the asset is underground, just cover the tag and asset with backfill. That’s it!


Share and Manage

Asset information created in the field is available in your GIS or the InfraMarker’s cloud storage system. Asset managers can see a real-time, accurate view of infrastructure assets and can leverage this information for planning, compliance and maintenance scheduling.


Locate and Read

When it’s time to locate the asset, just use the color-coded GPS pins in the InfraMarker app to locate the asset, then use a magnetic locator to pinpoint the tag. Then, use the RFID reader to confirm the location before digging. 

Records of each read are saved to the cloud, identifying the technician and adding any media or maintenance data added in the field.

Proven – Faster and more accurate than traditional locating methods

InfraMarker® improves speed and accuracy of asset locating by as much as 5 times*.

Reliable. Durable and safe.
InfraMarker tags can last decades, do not emit any power until pinged by a reader, are FCC certified and environmentally safe.

Precise locating power, combined with the ability to share asset records in real time results in quicker locating times and streamlined asset management. 

Simple. One RFID frequency. Multiple asset types.
InfraMarker tags use just one RFID frequency – you write the information that makes an asset unique. 

Convenient. Real-time field to office connection.
Data written or read in the field is available in the cloud application immediately, reducing costly install errors and providing up-to-date project status.

Auditable. See the history of any asset at any time.
InfraMarker logs the location, date and key information. A cloud backup system can restore data if required.

Versatile. Write tags where and when you want.
Configure the tag location and ID information at the spot of installation – and/or add information at the office.

*According to a study conducted by Auburn University comparing the InfraMarker system components for locating  vs. traditional methods.


Unique assets can be created in a matter of seconds using customized templates, user-friendly data collector fields, and automated geo-locating functionality.


Users can be invited to access other projects. You can switch between accounts on the smart phone app to add or edit information for another user.


Using Bluetooth technology, the UHF reader is quickly linked to your phone allowing you to read and write information to your RFID tag.



With data filtering and search tools, you can specify which assets or types of assets you wish to view, either as points on a map or in an organized list.


Each asset that is created has the ability to provide directions to the asset on your phone by using the "navigate to asset" tool.


Within the InfraMarker app, you can view documents and web links that have been uploaded to an asset as well as add photos and videos right from your phone.


BAsic InfraMarker® questions

What is InfraMarker?

The InfraMarker solution gives utility managers and contractors a simple way to locate, mark and manage infrastructure assets. It combines magnetic RFID tags, a RFID reader, an intuitive mobile app and your GIS / data management system. Essentially, it ties the ground to the cloud – specific physical asset location information is available from InfraMarker’s Data Management system or your GIS, making real-time asset management both simple and auditable.

How long does it take to set up InfraMarker?

Once you have all the equipment (RFID tags, RFID reader, you’re registered for the app / software) you can get started right away. A good place to start is to watch the videos about how to use InfraMarker.

What is the advantage of RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is used in many industries where secure tracking is required. RFID chips don’t need batteries and they can be updated remotely by authorized individuals. They’re also tough; they can withstand a wide range of temperatures and moisture. Because they each have unique IDs, information can be permanently linked to them to create a secure asset management system.

Why does InfraMarker use UHF for RFID tags?

UHF systems are known for generating long read ranges and faster data transfer rate than High Frequency (HF) or Low Frequency (LF) frequencies. Because of these benefits Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID is the fastest growing segment in the RFID market.

To what depth can InfraMarker read/write to an asset?

The depth of read depends on soil conditions, tag type, and reader/antenna strength. We encourage you to connect with our team to discuss what tag is right for your application.

What conditions are best for subsurface tag installation?

The RFID tag read range is determined by multiple factors, such as: soil conditions, tag size and reader antenna strength. For best results, subsurface InfraMarker tags should be installed just beneath the disturbance level and above the asset.

How long will InfraMarker tags last?

InfraMarker underground tags are stainless steel backed, IP68 rated, passive (no battery required) RFID tags with a magnet attached. These tags have been rigorously tested and are built to last decades. Above-ground tags undergone rigorous testing and can be affixed to a variety of surfaces or embedded in branded labels.

How much information can be stored on the tag?

Very little information is stored on the tag itself (description and location of the asset). A virtually unlimited amount of information can be appended to the tag using your existing GIS or the InfraMarker software. Information, such as images / video of the area surrounding the asset, comments, asset history, work order documents and more can be linked to the tag in the field or in the office. Once the tag is interrogated in the field, access to the asset meta data is available.

Do I need different InfraMarker tags for water, electric, gas, etc.?

No. Unlike other underground locating systems, you only need one tag and one frequency to identify any underground asset. You simply write the asset information on the tag using InfraMarker ConnectTM or the InfraMarker software and identify it when you locate and read the tag. The InfraMarker tags will be visible in the mobile app.

Can I also track above-ground assets with the InfraMarker?

Yes. The InfraMarker Solution locates, identifies and maps any asset marked with an InfraMarker tag.

How does the InfraMarker Solution locate underground assets?

The InfraMarker Solution instantly gives you the information you need to locate an asset using your mobile device by combining four powerful methods:

(1) The GPS coordinates stored when the asset was installed

(2) Stored visual reference. Photos, video, and/or audio comments about the location appended to the tag located by the asset.

(3) Magnetic identification on the tag that is precisely found with a magnetic locator, and

(4) the RFID reader that interrogates the tag and accesses all appended data through your GIS software or the InfraMarker cloud data management system.

The InfraMarker solution delivers reliability and speed by including the visual reference. That translates into substantial labor savings, fewer accidental hits, and fewer delayed projects.

Why would I use a RFID tag if I already know the GPS coordinates of an asset?

Location verification and risk management.

(1) The physical marker verifies the actual location in the field. Whether the RFID enabled marker is on an “underground utility below’ post or is buried underground over a weld-point, the physical marker speeds locating and reduces risk.

(2) The RFID-enabled marker includes critical information that can be read in the field even when access to the Internet is not available.

(3) All InfraMarker RFID-enabled marker interrogation is captured and date stamped so you know that a true audit trail exists.

Do I need a physical RFID-enabled marker at every point?

No. The InfraMarker software allows you to place a pin and capture asset attributes without having to place a physical marker. The InfraMarker map will display the difference by highlighting a pin without the InfraMarker logo on it.

InfraMarker app/software questions

What operating systems are the mobile apps compatible with?

iOS and Android smart devices.

How do I get the InfraMarker or InfraMarker Connect app?

InfraMarker: The Apple App Store or Google Play Store

InfraMarker Connect: The Apple App Store or Google Play Store

We already have an established GIS. Can I still use InfraMarker?

Yes. Using InfraMarker Connect, you can provide the location intelligence of your assets by exporting the information from the InfraMarker tagged asset into numerous GIS and field asset management solutions.

Alternatively, InfraMarker’s data management system can filter and export data in over 20 formats that can be imported into your GIS.

What do you mean by "real-time"?

The InfraMarker solution is cloud-based. Data written or read in the field is available in your GIS or InfraMarker software immediately as long as the field has an Internet connection. That means that a technician in the field can write a tag at 10:32 a.m. and that utility pin and tag information will display on the map as soon as the data uploads.

Who can see the InfraMarker data?

The InfraMarker solution is set up to provide transparency and privacy. License administrators can grant access to data, grant software permissions and remove access to who and when they need.

Is my data secure?

InfraMarker uses Amazon Web Service (AWS) which features the maximum protections available.

Can I give my contractors access to my InfraMarker software?

Yes. You can grant or revoke access at any time. You control who has access to your InfraMarker mobile software.

I want to get access to my field data immediately. Does InfraMarker support this?

Yes. As long as you have internet access, field data is immediately available to you in the office. You can see what points were marked or read in the field in real time with the InfraMarker Data Management software.

Can I customize the underground utility data collection template?

The InfraMarker data management system has been designed to support data standardization while allowing configuration by the user. Tag information is captured in a standard format, then the user can add a virtually unlimited amount of information to the tag using InfraMarker software.

What if I have an ‘as built’ map that I want to include in my InfraMarker map?

If the map is InfraMarker compliant (owner, lat-long, asset type) KML format, that information can be imported into InfraMarker and displayed on the InfraMarker map.

InfraMarker will display that information with a generic ‘pin’ on the map to indicate that those are not visually identified or located assets.

I manage multiple utilities. Does InfraMarker work for this?

InfraMarker is a perfect solution for this situation. With InfraMarker, you can see all of your utilities in one map and contract or employ field staff to locate any or all utilities. Conflicts are easily managed when multiple utilities use InfraMarker.

Can I use the InfraMarker RFID readers to read/write other RFID class 1, gen 2 tags?

Yes. The best RFID readers for performance in the field have been tested and selected and are available on this website or on berntsen.com.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the InfraMarker-approved RFID readers are the only readers currently capable of operating with the InfraMarker mobile software.